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What are the Services like?

We offer regulare religious services (Shabbos) as well as Jewish festivals. Please contact our Rabbi, Rabbi Schwei for more details. There are structual orders to the services, and are to follow Prayer books called Siddurs (Daily), Chumash (Torah Readings) and Machzors (Festival Services). The majority of the service is read and conducted in Hebrew, and all the books are bilingual with English text on the left hand page and the book is opened from the right. Men and Women sit separately, separated by a curtain. We ask that all males, boys and men to wear head covering and this also includes women who are married. We also ask that if the Ark is open, and the Rabbis’ sermon is been said, to not to enter either of the galleries. Our Services follow the traditional form, in line with United Synagogues suggestion but being a small community we welcome the noise and hubbub surrounding those younger individuals. Anybody wishing to offer their services and recite Haphtorah, the floor is yours.

At each Saturday morning service a portion of the Torah is Read.

Email Luton United Synagogue: info@lutonhebrew.co.uk

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